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What is Your Career Quotient?

  Take time to reflect and be proactive in managing your career. Take this informal quiz to Measure Your C. Q.  Answer Yes or No to the following questions:  
  1. I have a current resume that is up to date and reflects my skills.
  2. I am involved in networking activities, both inside and outside my organization.
  3. I have Continuing Education goals for this year to supplement/enhance my skills.
  4. I keep a file of my accomplishments and special projects.
  5. I maintain a file of recruiters who have contacted me.
  6. I make a valuable contribution in my present job.
  7. I relate well to my coworkers.
  8. I am achieving my goals while continuing to set new ones.
  9. I am forcing myself to become a quick change artist so I can adapt to the ever-changing world of work.
  10. My career goals are clear and I have a pretty clear idea of where I want to go.
  11. I can identify at least 6 of my work skills.
  12. I have updated my computer knowledge within the last year.
  13. I relate well to my boss.
  14. I have a PASSION for what I do!
11 - 13 Yes Responses - You have a High Career Quotient and you are managing your career effectively.

8 - 10 Yes Responses - You have a Moderate Career Quotient and you should continue to take steps to manage your career in a more proactive manner.

0 - 7 Yes Responses - Your Career Quotient is Low and you need to take big steps in managing your career

You have the POWER to manage your own career - take time to reflect, assess, and set goals with flexible timeframes. MAKE THINGS HAPPEN! GO FOR IT!

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